Silverthread Towels
Silverthread Towels
Silverthread Towels
Silverthread Towels
Silverthread Towels
Silverthread Towels
Silverthread Towels
Silverthread Towels

Silverthread Towels

Dry fast and feel clean with our super-soft Silverthread Towels. Infused with antimicrobial silver ions, this breakthrough “self-cleaning” fabric helps to fight germs and odors — so it stays clean, dry, and fresh. Whether you’re drying your hands or your whole body, Silverthread Towels offer a hygienic, luxurious experience every time.

  • 100% CA-Spun Supima Cotton
  • Silver Ions Fight Bacteria & Germs
  • Evaporates Moisture Quickly
  • Soft, Durable Fabric Resists “Pilling”
  • Elegant, European-Style Texture
  • 1 x Sutera Silverthread Towel
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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What’s Inside Your Silverthread Towel

We selected premium, innovative materials to help our Silverthread Towels dry fast, stay clean, and feel soft after every use.

Silver Ions

Silver is well known for its natural antimicrobial properties. We infused Silverthread Towels with these powerful ions to help you feel as clean as possible after a bath or shower.

100% Supima Cotton

Hand-spun in sunny California, Supima Cotton is known for its soft, luxurious feel. Each extra-long fiber helps keep these towels durable for consistent use.

How Silverthread Towels Upgrade Your Bathroom Experience

Hear from verified customers who swear by these soft, quick-drying towels.

“I am so impressed. I am dry almost immediately! The towels feel barely wet and dry fairly quickly. They are attractive… Thanks for a great product!”

Patricia R. - Verified Buyer

Silverthread Towels

“I love them. They still smell good and feel good after several days. The weight is perfect and so is the size. I love these towels!!!”

Melody C. - Verified Buyer

Silverthread Towels

“What a great towel! It’s everything they described. It’s soft, the texture is good. I’ve had to fight my sons because they want to use it too! I’ll probably be back to order two more, so they’ll leave mine alone!”

Wayne C. - Verified Buyer

Silverthread Towels

“These towels are so soft and I was very happy to try them out… They far exceeded my expectations. I recommend that everyone should try these. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jack B. - Verified Buyer

Silverthread Towels

How to Use Sutera's Silverthread Towels

Just 3 simple steps!


Use Silverthread Bath Towels to dry-off after a bath or shower, Silverthread Wash Cloths to wash your body, and Silverthread Hand Towels to dry your hands.


Hang-up your Silverthread Towels so they can air-dry in time for your next use.


Wash after a couple weeks, or whenever necessary.

Sutera's Silverthread Towels vs. Traditional Towels

Silverthread Towels

Traditional Towels

Quick-Dry Technology

Can Harbor Excess Moisture

Helps to Fights Germs & Odors

Require Constant Upkeep

Stays Clean & Fresh

Require Frequent Washing

Soft, Luxurious Feeling

Material Can Become Rough Over Time

Supima Cotton Helps Resist Pilling & Tearing

Can Pill or Tear Often

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Real Reviews from Real Customers

Don't take our word for it, see what Americans have to say about Sutera’s Silverthread Towels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sutera’s Silverthread Towels are not a medical device and are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.
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