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Experience unparalleled freshness and softness with our 100% California-grown Pima Cotton towels, infused with silver ions.

The Art of Silver

Each Silverthread Towel is a piece of art, crafted with precision and care with 100% California-Grown Pima Cotton and infused with silver ions, to bring into your home a touch of luxury that is both indulgent and intelligent. It's a statement of elegance, an emblem of sustainability, and a guardian of cleanliness.

Soft, Clean, and Fresh Luxury

We infused silver ions into our ultra-soft 100% California-grown Pima Cotton to create towels that will stay clean, fresh, and soft.

Designed to Dry Fast and Smell Fresh

There's nothing worse than a damp, musty towel. That's why we designed Silverthread Towels to evaporate moisture quickly after each use. Our unique, European-style "Duo-Weave" texture absorbs water and helps the towel dry fast.

Infused with Silver Ions

The fibers of our Silverthread Towels are infused with silver ions, which help protect the towel from mildew and bacterial odors. This helps keep them clean after every use so you don't have to wash them as often!

Spa Experience

Our towels are soft, elegant, and stay clean to give you a spa-like experience every time you step out of your own bathroom. These towels are big and cling to any body type to ensure a luxurious experience for everyone.

Quality You Can Feel

Pima Cotton fibers are even longer than regular Egyptian cotton fibers. That's what makes our Silverthread Towels so soft, strong, and resistant to "pilling."

Beautiful Product That Works

"I am so impressed. I am dry almost immediately! The towels feel barely wet and dry fairly quickly. They are attractive... Thanks for a great product!"


Order Two!

"What a great towel! It's everything they described. It's soft, the texture is good. I've had to fight my sons because they want to use it too! I'll probably be back to order two more, so they'll leave mine alone!"


Just As Advertised

"Best towels ever! Never felt dryer quicker fresh out of the shower. Live in a very humid climate, and no damp smelly towels anymore! In fact, threw away all my other towels!"


What I've Been Waiting For

"FINALLY!! Towels that don't have that moldy smell after washing/drying. These never smell and drying is fast. I've already purchased 2 sets and will be purchasing more. I highly recommend"


Worth the Price

"I highly recommend these towels! They are lightweight and dry you off quickly, leaving you feeling refreshed. No more BULKY towels!!"


Just What I Was Looking For

"I love these towels because they are very absorbent, more than all those plush bath towels. I don't want plush, I want to dry off. This is my second order of these towels."


Upgrade to the

Sutera Silverthread

Towel now.

If you’re the type of person who can feel when something’s off, you probably know that your dirty moist towel is dangerous and gross. Keep your bathroom clean and buy your new Silverthread Towels today.

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8 SUTERA™ Silverthread Towels (NORMALLY $500)

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